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- Cindy Gelormini, Author and Illustrator-

      Cindy is the Author and Illustrator of the children's book series "Robbie's World and His SPECTRUM of

Adventures!" All three books in the Trilogy series are about a little penguin with Autism. The stories were inspired by her son Robbie who had Severe Autism and was Non-Verbal and most of the stories really happened. The books were released in April 2021 for Autism Awareness Month and she was featured on The Today Show on April 2, 2021 for Autism Awareness Day. 

      Cindy and Robbie did a video blog on YouTube for four years called 'Robbie and Me: Autism Reality" to advocate for young adults with Autism after they turn 21.  Robbie went to heaven unexpectedly in 2017.

The channel is still up and running and Cindy now posts her podcast videos and updates about her books and other projects. The books were a way to continue telling Robbie's story in a new way. This time, she tells stories about when Robbie was a little boy. They are a wonderful teaching tool for public school teachers to read to Neuro-Typical children, for Parents to read to siblings, and for Doctors and Therapists to share with patients. But they're also just fun books for kids to read!

     In addition to her books Cindy is the host of "Spectrum Perspectives", a podcast where she interviews parents of Autistic kids, professionals who help Autism families and Autistic adults. Her new foundation "Robbie's World Foundation" hosts retreat weekends for Moms of Autistic kids. 

     Cindy is the Mom of four, and a "Glamma" to four more. She lives in New Jersey where she in a mural artist, Color Consultant, Benjamin Moore Color Expert, and an Interior Design and Staging Consultant. She is a singer/songwriter, Worship Leader and Public Speaker. She hosted a local cable TV show about Interior Design, and is a video blogger as "The Paint Diva". Her goal in life is to help families who have adult children with Severe Autism.


Why Penguins?

After Robbie went to heaven, Cindy and her husband kept finding penguins. A toy penguin on the front lawn, a glass penguin paperweight on his desk, and they couldn't figure out where they were coming from. Then on the day when they cleaned out his group home, Cindy wanted to know what the last video was that Robbie had watched. She hit the eject button on his DVD player and found...Happy Feet! A movie about dancing penguins! A year later she got the idea to write a children's book. But the idea to be about penguins.....

that was Robbie's idea!

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