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Robbie's World is a series of 12 stories.
Each book contains 4 stories, so they are
 essentially four books in one!
A typical children's book is about $15, so four books would be about $60,
By keeping four stories in one book you're able to get them for less than half the price!

Click on each book to go to the link to purchase.

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Click on each photo to purchase.

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About Robbie's World

Robbie is a little penguin with Autism. Follow his wacky adventures throughout the twelve chapters in this trilogy Children's Book Series. You'll laugh at his antics and learn about Autism at the same time. Written by Robbie's Mama, the stories are based on real life events that happened when Robbie was a little boy. 

At the end of each chapter is a "Mom's Minute" that teaches adults what just happened in that chapter. They'll about things like "Stimming", "Eloping", feeding and sleep issues among other things. These books are a great teaching tool for teachers, for Doctors to share with patients, and for parents of children newly diagnosed with Autism to learn and share with other family members . But mostly they're for any child who loves to read fun stories!

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Featured on The Today Show!

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About the books


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Pennsylvania Elementary School Class

Mom in denial of diagnosis, books helped.
Daily reading books has been "clutch"!!
quote about books_edited.jpg

Abigail. Mom of an autistic son.

"They belong in every elementary school library."
2024 review book.jpg
Engaging Pictures and Fantastic Content.

I just received my copy of this fantastic book series. This book is like no other - a very engaging child friendly storyline with adorable pictures, but also a "mom's minute" section after each chapter with very specific information about autism spectrum disorder. This book really serves two purposes - entertaining children but also educating everyone about all of the joys and challenges of everyday life on the autism spectrum. This series belongs not just in every home but in every school district and town library. Cindy Gelormini is an important voice in the world of autism. Her warmth, humor, and wisdom shine through each page.

Cathy G. - Mom of Autistic son and

Public School Educator

Touches the Heart.

It made a great gift for friends dealing with Autism in the family. Gread read for parents teaching siblings about Autism.

Cheryl Saville

Wonderful Book.

Not only is the book wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated, the books are an excellent educational resourse on Autism for children and parents.

L. Caporelli-Mom and Children's Book Author

We love Robbie!

We have fallen in love with Robbie and his world!

Children are curious, and they want to know about things that are different from what they know on a day to day basis. When a child or person is acting or appears in a way they aren’t used to, they want to know why. And that’s ok!

This series gave our children a great view into the world of autism. It helps answer some of those questions about what makes them unique and why someone may act the way they do. Robbie is a celebrity to my young children and now when they see someone that is a little different from them they are eager to say hello, play with them on the playground, and be friendly with them. I love how something as simple as a book series can open the eyes of my children to the unique collection of people that make up our world.


Just loved all 3 books!

These books are so heartfelt! You can tell how much the author genuinely loves the bond she has with her son. Being a mom myself, I can’t lie..I cried reading the books to my own little boy. The books are great quality and came super quick!

Dina D.  -Mom

Son asks to read it every day!
Helped son understand he's not weird.
quote 4-14-23.jpg
Such a loving story of a family.

My 3 year old daughter will only let me read to her about Robbie and his family. The stories are so sweet and real, they make your heart melt. The struggles that families of all types deal with and how their love always perseveres is displayed with every story.

Jessica-  Mom

An Amazing Book.

At a loss of words for how absolutely informative, creative, beautiful, and how real. Relating to it being a parent myself of an autistic child. It's a wonderful book that describes our new found dear angel friend, Robbie, and how I can relate as a mom to the day to day loving struggles of raising an autistic son. I can't wait for my other books to get here. Thank you, for making a book that parents and our children can relate to, and it be a wonderful catchy Adorable book for our children.

Joie R. - Mom of an Autistic child

Everyone should read this book!

Noah and I just read the 1st Robbie's World and absolutely loved it!! It made us laugh, cry, smile, ask questions and taught us so much! EVERYONE should read this book and read it to their kiddos! It is so enjoyable to read and to look at all of your adorable drawings! EVERYONE should be aware of what autistic children and families go through and also how to support them! We can't wait to read #2 and #3!! Thank you again for pouring out your heart and knowledge into this book! But most of all thank you for pouring out your LOVE in these books...for Robbie...for your family...and for all of the families who live w/autism! 

Cheryl M.- Mom

Used books to tell son he has Autism
A Beautiful Story.

This book is so beautifully written about a family living with an autistic child. The love and compassion between all family members is so evident and the stories are so touching, heart-warming and funny at times. The artwork is incredible. This book gives great insight into the autistic world and the family struggles they deal with everyday as well as the love they have for each other. I recommend this book for any age so people can gain a greater understanding about autism. This book would be a fantastic learning tool for any teacher and their students too.

Nancy W. - Nurse and Mom

"Great learning tool"
"First book about autism that impacted me."
2024 book quote.jpg
Kids obsessed with the books!
Wishes she had a book like this when growing up!
Son wants to be kissed 7x just like Robbie's mom kisses him in the book. 
2024 quote.jpg
Teacher's 1st graders love stories.

New Jersey Regional Day School, Newark

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