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School Visits

Meet Robbie
the Penguin!

(Click to watch the video)


Breanna Nazzaro
School Counselor
Wood-Ridge Elementary School.

"We had an assembly-style visit at our PreK-3 elementary school during Autism Awareness and Acceptance month. Cindy and Robbie were a big hit with our students AND staff! The students were truly engaged in the stories and really curious about autism, asking lots of questions. Cindy did a great job of answering these questions and explaining autism in an age-appropriate way, and encouraged students to be accepting and respectful of others and their differences. The touching stories that Cindy read during her visit were raved about all day by staff. Throughout the school day, students could be heard repeating the quote from Mama "I love you just the way you are." This was such a fun visit for all involved, and we can't wait to invite Cindy back!"

Hannah, Teacher 
Self contained class

Cindy and Robbie the penguin were so engaging for my students! I think students at the assembly of all abilities learned something and had fun! My students' favorite part was getting to dance and take pictures with Robbie the penguin!

Jenn, Teacher
Self contained class

I truly enjoyed the stories! I as definitely moved by Cindy's story. I purchased all three books and I can't wait to share them with my kids. Thank you so much for the experience.

Victoria, Teacher
Self contained class

I truly enjoyed the stories! I as definitely moved by Cindy's story. I purchased all three books and I can't wait to share them with my kids. Thank you so much for the experience.

Ashley, Teacher

I thought the books were amazing. It brought  to light the realism of adults and children who suffer with Autism in the real world. How a simple shopping trip could be filled with stares and comments from people who don't understand. It gives children the chance to identify with the character in the book and the hardships they face. It always ends with the love of the Mom who doesn't give up and shows that she will be there every step of the way. The books we had a chance to listen to were truly amazing and had such an emotional quality that drew you in with every word. 

Amanda Kubbs
Principal- Doby's Bridge Elementary
Fort Mill, SC


Cindy came to our first-grade classrooms to read her books about Robbie’s World.  Our classes LOVED her stories.  Her books really helped our students understand more about autism and how to treat everyone, no matter their differences. Her books were highly engaging for our students. They loved actively listening and interacting with the text!  I would highly recommend all teachers read these books to their class!


We look forward to having you return!

Keli, Guidance Counselor

I am a counselor at O.D Wyatt HS in Fort Worth, Texas. I really enjoy connecting our students with people who can provide real world experiences. I asked Cindy to speak to our junior/senior classes studying in our Teaching and Learning program. Upon completion, they will be certified teaching assistants and many will pursue education in college. Our students were doing a unit on Special Needs and I wanted Cindy to provide her insight into what it takes to be an effective teacher of autistic children. Cindy spoke from the heart of a mother of a severely autistic child and the students were captivated by her story. They felt like they knew Robbie after the presentation and wanted to hear more. The teacher also said it was a great addition to their special needs unit and would love for Cindy to return. 

Anne, First Grade Teacher, Integrated classroom
Jersey City, NJ

"Our students and staff truly enjoyed having Cindy Gelormini and Robbie the Penguin join us at our school for a special kickoff event for Autism Awareness Month.  Cindy came to read several chapters from her trilogy, "Robbie's World and His Spectrum of Adventures".  These rhyming true stories about Robbie are very engaging for the students.  It was absolutely fantastic as Cindy led the students into interacting with her and Robbie as she read aloud.  The students loved this!  Afterwards, students were able to take pictures with Robbie the Penguin and Cindy of course!  The special moments were watching the interaction with our students and Robbie.  Several students ran up to Robbie the Penguin then hugged and held him tight.  What brought tears to my eyes was when we watched several students that are non-verbal reach out to communicate to Robbie as they showered him with love.  Such a special morning for all of us and we are very grateful for Cindy, Robert & Robbie coming to visit us at our school.  I had teachers reaching out to me for several days to express how much this event spoke to them and touched their hearts!"

IMG_7624 (1)
Photo Nov 27 2023, 9 58 02 AM
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Robbie the penguin getting ready to go on stage
Student meeting Robbie the penguin
Students with Robbie the Penguin
Classroom Door

Classroom door decorated for Autism Awareness Month!

Cindy and Miss Annie

Teacher who set up the assembly in Jersey City

Classroom Door closeup
Photo Nov 28 2023, 11 25 33 AM
Photo Nov 27 2023, 9 24 49 AM (1)
Handout to the students

Explaining the signs of Autism to students.

Photo Nov 28 2023, 11 14 37 AM
Photo Nov 27 2023, 8 14 37 AM
Photo Nov 27 2023, 9 13 48 AM
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